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Leadership Directory

Executive Committee
Term Expires
Executive Director Leslie Silbernagel 


Holly Lavender 2026
Past President      Vicki Willett2024
Secretary Missi Kowalski 2024
Treasurer Eryn Ruder 2024
Executive Director Emeritus  Kay Wagner Emeritus
Executive Director Emeritus Piyush Swami Emeritus

Board of Directors
Term Expires
District I Director Jamie Lenox 2025
District I Director Amy Boros
District II Director Marcy Burns 2025
District II Director Kurt Joviak 2024
District III Director Maggie Colicchio 2025
District III Director Aaron Coleman 2024
District IV Director Lisa Borgerding 2025
District IV Director Missi Zender-Sakach
District V Director Tracy Merica 2025
District V Director Leslie Phlipot
District VI Director  Angela Hoy 2025
District VI Director Chris Sommerkamp 2024
District VII Director Samantha Knight 2025
District VII Director Heather Allen 2024
District VIII Director
District VIII Director 
District IX Director
District IX Director Lori Wegman
District X Director Angella Boyer
District X Director

All Executive Committee Members and Board of Directors may be reached by contacting them at:

Associated Groups
Ohio Council for Elementary School Teachers (OCESS)    Chris Andersen
Cleveland Regional Council of Science Teachers (CRCST)John
Affiliated Groups
National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) Carla Neely*
Bowling Green State University Student Chapter Emilio Duran*
Center of Science and Industry (COSI) Amy Parker*
Environmental Education Council of Ohio (ECCO) Brenda Metcalf*
National Middle Level Science Teachers Association (NMLSTA) Rajeev Swami*
Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Cathy Holmes*

Ohio Department of Natural Resources -

Division of Wildlife (ODNR)

Ohio Earth Science Teachers Association (OESTA) Valerie Pettigrew*
Ohio Section/American Association of Physics Teachers Gene Easter* 

*non voting

SECO is the Ohio chapter of the National Science Teaching Association. Established since 1976.

The Science Education Council of Ohio (SECO) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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