A Tribute to a friend

SECO Friends, 

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Senator John Glenn. 

As a child who grew up during the space race, I was influenced heavily by John Glenn, his fellow astronauts, and the amazing quest to land someone on the moon and return them safely to Earth.  

I know my interest in science was first kindled by stories of "the first American to orbit the Earth" and the increased funding that resulted from the space program. 

When John Glenn returned to space in his 70's, I was amazed to see his stamina and hoped that I would have as much when I reach that age.  Well, I am there now, and doubt that I have what it takes to go into space. His return to space was truly remarkable.

To learn more about John Glenn's legendary life, read this feature article from Scientic American, 
Godspeed, John Glenn— 
the Quintessential Astronaut

Glenn was willing to risk his life to push scientific understanding forward.  Each one of you have an impact that you can not directly measure...New generations of science-literate adults and scientists inspired by the important work you have done or continue to do within Ohio and on a regional and national level. 

RIP John Glenn, Thank You for your push toward the stars.  Godspeed. 

~ Kay Wagner
Executive Director Emeritus

We're all about discovery!

Fourth graders from Manchester, Ohio, look forward to the one day a month when SECO Board Member Missi Zender-Sakach visits after school. They call her Dr. Z, because she thrills them with Zingers of Discovery that make smiles abound. Picture above are Ramsey, Caleb, Matt, Aidan, Jayce, Colette, Kailyn, Alivia, and Callie. See you guys? We told you we'd make you famous!! :)


Thanks to Delta Education, and the creators of the FOSS Instructional Design, the 2016 SECO Annual Meeting drew about 200 SECO members on Friday, December 2. The event included a keynote by Hienemann Author Brian Campbell, installation of Angie McMurry, and the award of three top honors for Science Teaching Excellence in Ohio.

Recipients of the 2017 SECO Awards were Matt Sableski, Principal at Carroll High School; Gordon Aubrecht, a Professor of Physics at Ohio State University/Marion (posthumously awarded); and Ann Drake, a Science Teacher at Brookville Intermediate School. Special thanks to Sally Pfeiffer, Chair of the 2017 SECO Awards Committee and her team of SECO volunteers!


Martha Rutan is one of those teachers...you know the type. You look on with amazement because she accomplishes so much, and yet makes time for any new request that comes along, always with a smile and enthusiasm. A biology teacher at The University of Dayton and Antioch University, Martha met Cathy Holmes, an Ohio Department of Education Science Consultant, at NSTA's December Conference in Columbus. Now, Martha will be helping to polish Ohio's Science Standards. And you can, too!

From now through January 9, the ODE is collecting comments for suggested revisions to Ohio's Learning Standards in Science. Please use this link to contribute sentiments and perspectives from your local community to this important work @ https://www.ohio-k12.help/standards.

If you have a question, or would like to speak with ODE staff who are coordinating the State's review process, please contact SECO members Cathy Holmes, Lydia Hunter or David Schklar. Full contact information for the team is available at http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Ohios-Learning-Standards/Science.

Stay tuned here for important notices on next steps on Standards modifications, including the next phase of rollout which will include publication of a Model Curriculum in 2017.


The Science Education Council of Ohio would like to know what you thought about the NSTA Columbus Regional Conference. Your input will be of great value to us as we explore and develop our next hosting engagement with NSTA (tentatively scheduled for January 2018).

Please click on this link to complete a brief 10, question survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/D8TNJVR. All responses and comments will be shared with the SECO Conference Planning Committee in order to optimize future efforts.


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i spy seco!

You don't have to venture far to visit with SECO. Organized into 10 Ohio Districts, we regularly lead and attend events within minutes of all member schools. For more information about upcoming events, contact us.

Collaboration is Key

The leadership team of SECO welcomes you to a new day, inspired by the presentations and workshops of the December 2016 National Science Teachers Association in Columbus.

ODE Science Consultants Lydia Hunter, Cathy Holmes and David Schklar join SECO President Angie McMurry to encourage SECO member involvement in the current Science Standards Review process.

The conference challenged us--teachers and support teams--to collectively recalibrate our thinking so that we become "Champions of Science" by adopting a "Gameplan for the Future." In other words, top scientists who advise educational change all over the US are begging us to "Dream Bigger!"

Cool rallying cry. But where do you start? Where do you begin to put such a call to action into motion at the classroom level?

2017 SECO President Angie McMurry suggests that the most ambitious aims can be attained one small step at a time. The first step, she recommends, is to think "collaboratively" rather than in isolation. 

"A natural tendency of teachers is to become comfortable within the confines of the classroom," she says. "The most successful teachers grow to realize that walls impede learning, rather than aiding it."

As the first major initiative of Angie's 2-year term leading SECO, she is asking teachers to engage in a collaborative exercise that's critical to Ohio right now.

"In earnest right this minute, The Ohio Department of Education is asking all Ohio Science Teachers to weigh in on the process of Standards Review," McMurry advises. "By involving yourself in that statewide effort, you are assuring that the unique perspective of your local community is reflected in the revisions that soon will become requirements in all K-12 classrooms."


How can you become a part of SECO's goal to Dream Bigger? 

We're open to your wildest ideas!!

Please reach out:

Angie McMurry
SECO President
c/o Darke County ESC
5279 Education Drive
Greenville, Ohio 45331
(937) 760-1771

Ann Drake
Past President
c/o Brookville Intermediate School
2 Blue Pride Drive
Brookville, Ohio 45309
(937) 833-6731 ext 2414

Thomas Merrill
SECO Executive Director
PO Box 13035
Akron, Ohio 44334
(330) 676-2434

Illustrations from WHEN I HEARD THE LEARN’D ASTRONOMER by Walt Whitman . Illustrations copyright © 2004 by Loren Long.  Used by permission of Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division.

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