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STEM BOOT CAMP: Learn How to Integrate STEM into Your Classroom

  • February 25, 2020
  • Butler Tech 5140 Princeton Glendale Road, Cincinnati, Ohio

We have an incredible opportunity for K-12 teachers coming your way February 25, 2020. The STEM Boot Camp professional development sessions will be hosted at Butler Tech 5140 Princeton Glendale Road, Cincinnati, Ohio. This PD will be led by internationally-recognized STEM education expert, Dr. Carla C. Johnson, author of the award-winning primer on STEM education: STEM Road Map: A Framework for Integrated STEM Education (Routledge, 2015), and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Press top-selling series STEM Road Map for Early Childhood, STEM Road Map for Elementary School, STEM Road Map for Middle School, and STEM Road Map for High School with an associated 16 titles published to date.

At the STEM Boot Camp, teachers will learn about integrated STEM, problem-based learning, authentic assessment, and the STEM Road Map curriculum series published by NSTA. This will include:

· Training on how to use integrated STEM pedagogy from STEM Road Map authors;
· Coaching on how to implement problem-based learning in STEM;
· Overview of STEM Road Map curriculum for the grade band;
· Deep dive into sample activities from two (2) books/units from the grade band;
· Free copy of one STEM Road Map book from the session.

The PD is a three-hour training. The registration fee $275 per person. The number of participants is limited so please register soon! We hope that you will be able to send a few of your teachers to begin their journey of implementing integrated STEM instruction into their classroom. 


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