The Science Education Council of Ohio (SECO) is a collaborative community that believes everyone deserves the benefit of a strong science education in order to engage with an ever-changing world.  

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What is STEMucation Academy?

STEMucation Academy is an online professional development course designed to help math and science teachers integrate engineering in the classroom.

This 16-week self paced-directed online workshop is uniquely suited for math and science teachers (grades 3 – 12) who would like to learn how to implement a challenge-based learning methodology with an integrated engineering design process into their classrooms. Participants are trained to use engineering as a “context” to teach any standards-based “content” in a manner that engages students throughout the unit implementation. Upon completion, you will receive up to 45 contact hours for participating. In addition, you may opt to purchase credit hours from Ashland University.

STEMucation Academy

STEMucation Academy provides you with a coach that will assist you in the development of a complete unit. STEMucation Academy is a sustainability program developed through the National Science Foundation- funded Cincinnati Engineering Enhanced Math and Science Program (CEEM) at the University of Cincinnati. It is being offered through a cooperative partnership with the Science Education Council of Ohio (SECO) and was developed through more than seven years of designing, testing, and implementing.   

To date, over 325 implemented units have been archived in a database that can be searched by academic standard, grade level, or subjects. Building on someone else’s idea is not nearly as daunting a task as designing one independently. STEMucation Academy focuses on building confidence in developing challenge based units and using the engineering design process to teach and instill confidence that these new teaching pedagogies can be successfully implemented. 

The benefits of teaching engineering design include, but are not limited to: 

  • Improved student learning and achievement in science and mathematics
  • Increased interest in these subjects and the kinds of opportunities they provide
  • Learning By Design students outperform their peers in the ability to design experiments, plan for data gathering, and collaboration
  • Using design-based approaches for teaching is superior in terms of knowledge-gain achievements in math and science concepts, engagement, and retention when compared to a scripted inquiry approach

Program Benefits

  • Match you with an individual coach, who will interact virtually with you and provide you support throughout the process
  • Online, self-paced participation allows you to develop a unique engineering design challenge for your classroom as you work through the modules and schedule video conferences with your coach on your own timetable
  • Enables you to understand and apply the engineering design process and models examples of how it can be integrated into a science unit
  • Applies to any math or science classroom, as you determine what standards the engineering design challenge will address, and you build a unique challenge based on those standards and your students’ needs and interests
  • Builds confidence as you implement the engineering design process in your classroom and reflect on the experience with your coach as part of the professional development
  • Engages your students as they see the connection between science content and the real world and work in teams to develop unique solutions to problems

For more information contact Annette Drake, STEMucation Adminstrator at

Right to Cancel

You have the right to cancel your participation within 14 days after receipt of your acceptance from SECO into STEMucation Academy without giving any reason. Cancellation will not affect your ability to study with us in the future. To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us, either by email ( or by writing to:

Ann Drake
STEMucation Academy Administrator
Science Education Council of Ohio
P.O. Box 482
Troy OH 45373

You may use the model cancellation form, but it is not obligatory.

Please visit STEMucation Academy's website to get a more complete picture of the program. You will find more information about STEMucation Academy, sample units, a wealth of resources, and contact information for the program directors. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook @STEMucationAcademy.

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